No, it wasn't a steering wheel. This is the light the dentist shines in my face while he works. I can feel the drill grinding. I hear the drill grinding. But what I am looking at is the word "Belmont." I try to spell as many words as I can using those letters. I can usually think of a lot of them. But today all I can come up with is "Belmont." The grinding and drilling is pretty intense. I want to ask the dentist if he has reached China yet. I want to ask the dentist how bad the canals are. I keep falling asleep. Bill Cosby and Robert Culp used chloroform on "I Spy..."


Afterwords, I find out I have to come back next week. He has temporarily closed off the tooth. The roots are filled with medicine to kill all of the bacteria. Next week, I get the cement and the crown repair.

As I am about to leave, the dentist asks me what pain relief medicine I use. Oh. Is this going to hurt later? He recommends some Excedrin now and gives me some vicodin for tonight. Just in case my tooth feels likes it's going to explode. Just in case it really starts to throb and ache and the pain doesn't let me sleep. Oh. That kind of pain.

The assistant pours two Excedrins into my hand. I try to pop them into my mouth, but my mouth has moved. I miss. I peel the pills off my face and stuff them deep into my mouth. They've given me the idiot test. Drinking the water to wash down the pills is equally as challenging.

Well. That's my trip to the dentist this week. See you next time!
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